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United States Service Dog Registry
United States Service Dog Registry
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Support Standards.

Upgraded Archival Documentation Package

Your order helps support the free registry and our training and behavior standards. Voluntary acceptance of these standards for yourself and your animal go above and beyond the law.

$55 without photo
$75 with photo

Archival Documentation Package
USSDR Patch Set

Rugged Do Not Pet Service Dog Patch Set

A set of three high-visibility, heavy-duty military-grade patches made out of soft, flexible PVC with Velcro backing. "Do Not Pet" patch is 4 inches square and each “Service Dog” patch is 4 inches long for flexible placement on any size vest or harness.


Embroidered Patch

A three inch diameter embroidered United States Service Dog Registry patch, perfect for sewing onto a vest, gear bag or jacket. Features the highest quality embroidery. It’s the perfect addition to any patch collection.

USSDR Embroidered Patch

Shirts and other gear

Officially licensed t-shirts, sweatshirts and more are available from our partner, Red Dog Gear, which donates a portion of their profits to no-kill animal shelters.

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